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Pui Kiu and I 11B Joey Lau_Secondary English Writing Competition 2nd Place

Pui Kiu and I  11B  Joey Lau


Studying in Pui Kiu for half of my life, I consider it as my second home. The memories I have in Pui Kiu is much more than you can ever imagine. It is difficult for me to choose the most unforgettable memories out of all as they are all equally memorable. Yet, after struggling and undergoing on deep consideration, I picked out the following.


One of my unforgettable memories was in my senior year in Secondary. Back then, I was one of the committee members in my house. In early October in one semester, every house in our school was given a talk which was to make our own haunted house for the Halloween party in our school for Halloween celebration.


Halloween was one of my favourite festivals. Hence, I was thrilled after being notified. It was my first time working with my committee members to accomplish such a big project and it was much harder than I thought. Not only did we have meetings about the details of our project, but also did we build our haunted house by ourselves. Moreover, there were often arguments during the building process.


However, I was one hundred percent sure that it was worth all our handwork after the Halloween party. People were extremely horrified when leaving our haunted house. It marked the success of our project since they were absolutely terrified. This Halloween party was a great experience for me. I could never forget how amazing it was when seeing our hard work paid off.


Another remarkable memory in Pui Kiu happened in Primary five. I remember few teachers showed up in our class in one recess time. My classmates and I were notified that a drama show “Gingerbread Girl” was going to be held by the school for the first time and everyone of us needed to participate in it. Being a shy and unconfident girl, this was not good news for me, instead it was more like a nightmare to me.


On the audition day, I was terrified and with my anxiety, I was shivering non-stop. When I was about to go on stage, my teacher went up to me and told me to believe in myself as she saw the fear in my eyes. My nervousness was lessened after receiving her encouragement, I cleared my mind and read my lines on stage. When I finished my line, the classroom was silent and everyone was looking at me. At the end of the day, I could clearly remember my feeling when the teacher announced the final decision on the roles of the play. Realizing that I got the main character, Gingerbread Girl, I was worried about serving the show, yet, I was grateful at the same time.


In my first rehearsal, due to my lack of confidence, I was not doing very well. I stuttered when reading lines and nearly tripped over on the stage. Instead of scolding me, my teacher patiently taught me and gave me encouragements. I remember her telling me to believe in myself. Thanks to her, I was no longer so judgemental of myself and started to have more confidence.


Time flew by quickly, it was eventually the day for us to perform our show. Surprisingly, I was not even anxious at all. On the contrary, I was exhilarated and could not wait to show everyone our months of hard work. At the end of the day, our crew successfully put on a great show for everyone. Gingerbread Girl is not simply a drama show for me, it is also a constant reminder for myself to never underestimate my own ability. Hence, this is not only memorable, but also meaningful to me.


All in all, I want to express my greatest gratitude to Pui Kiu for giving me such remarkable memories. I am very thankful and blessed to have a home like this and this astrally one of the best things in my life.