Extra-curricular Activities of Primary Section
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Variety of ECA programmes

Upon the scope to broaden the horizons and nourishments of our students to accomplish a holistic yet balanced development, our ECA DEPT is devoted to provide students a wide variety of activities, ranging from academic, interest, art, sports to uniformed clubs, so that they can apply their knowledge and skills into practice and develop their versatility to fullest. 


Festive celebrations throughout the whole cohort year

To sparkle our students with traditions and inherit the good mortality from our culture, ECA DEPT takes up the active role to engage students in various festive celebrations, such as Chinese New Year, Christmas and National Day, which are deemed effective in cultivating their recognition of their national identity and wiring both the Eastern and the Western virtues in alignment.


Interschool and Territory-wide Competition

Interschool and Territory-wide Competitions are best utilized as both an arena and a platform to reinforce students’ self-esteem, nurture their teamwork, train up their leadership and augment their exposure to an authentic but contextualized learning environment through exploration of their own strengths and weaknesses.