Xi An Historical Exchange Tour
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Xi An Historical Exchange Tour (G4-G6)

Our school endeavours to provide students with diverse learning opportunities so as to enrich their   life   experiences.   Our  Moral  and  National  Education  Department  and  the  Social  Development Subject Panel  organized a historical exchange tour in March (13/3-17/3).  By providing students with the opportunities to participate in programmes conducted outside Hong Kong, we aim at broadening the exposure of students, exposing them to different cultures and customs as well as enhancing their self-esteem, sense of responsibility and team spirit through visiting museums, Muslim Quarter and primary schools in Xi An.



Basic information about the tour:

1. Name of the Tour : Xi An Historical Exchange Tour

2. Objectives:

    • Provide students opportunities to learn about the history and 

      culture of Xi An

    • Learn about the concept of cultural conversation

    • Learn about the Islamic cultures and interact with local primary 

      school students

    • Use Putonghua to as a medium of communication

3. Places of interests and activities:

    •  Terracotta Warrior Museum

    •  Han Yang Mausoleum

    •  Daming Palace

    •  Ancient City Wall

    •  Shaanxi Museum

    •  Big Wild Goose Pagoda

    •  Muslim Quarter

    •  DIY arts & crafts workshops

    •  Exchange with local school