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Students from our school has won the outstanding award of the "2022 8th International Mathematical Modeling Challenge" (China Region)


In order to encourage participants to apply mathematical theories in practice, explore and solve important problems in the real world, popularize mathematical modeling education, and ultimately enhancing secondary students' core mathematical literacy and technological innovation capabilities; The Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) and the Hong Kong NeoUnion ESC Organization have jointly organized the “International Mathematical Modeling Challenge”. Founded in 2014 in Boston, USA, the event is a contemporary international mathematical modeling competition for secondary school students around the world. Our student team stood out amongst contestants in the China Region, winning the outstanding award. Their essay for the competition was also nominated for international review (Our school is one of the two Hong Kong teams).


The list of award-winning student team is as follows:


11B Lee Yui Tong

11B Wong Hiu Ching

11BHo Pak Qiu

11B Men Ruihan