Beijing Exchange Programme
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Exchange Program with Beijing No. 35 High School


To fulfill the student development requirement in the new academic structure scheme, Pui Kiu College has been cooperating with the Beijing No.35 High School and organizing exchange programs for students in both schools since 2011. Every year, Pui Kiu students live with Beijing students’ families for 2 weeks and have classes with the first and second grade students. After that, students from the Beijing No.35 High School also come to our college and live in similar manner. In this way students from both schools can immerse in local cultures and broaden their horizons. 


Found by Mr Li Dazhao in 1923, Beijing No.35 High School is one of the exemplary high schools in Beijing and educated many famous scientists and political leaders in the past. 


Besides standard courses, Pui Kiu students also participated in extra-curriculum activities like stargazing, rocket project, kickboxing, drama performance and Chinese music. Besides in-school activities, Beijing No.35 High School also arranged field trips such as to the Li Dazhao House, the Capital Museum, the Forbidden City and National Museum, etc.    


Our students were also involved in various meaningful activities. For example, they hosted the ceremony and performed Chinese music with the No. 35 High School’s students on the Great Wall, they also visited the International Department and chose the courses that they were interested in, so they could experience different forms of learning. 


Through Exchange Program in Beijing, Pui Kiu students improved significantly in interpersonal skills, Putonghua proficiency, self-care ability, sense of responsibility, confidence and international outlook. They also gained knowledge of China and increased their sense of belonging. But most importantly, we laid a foundation for students’ future development through continuous cooperation between two schools.